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For the gym, or for travel. A bag for any purpose.

Duffle Bag


The Face and Story Behind Tear & Repair Apparel

My name is Gavin McCann, I am the founder of Tear & Repair Apparel. I am a Personal Trainer by trade, and have spent the last 23 years in the fitness industry. During that time I have spent so much of my hard earned cash on fitness & gym wear. The thing is, I'm really fussy about my training gear, and only on rare occasions I have been completely happy with my purchases. Most of the time there would be something I didn't like. If the design was good, the material felt funny. If the material felt good, the fit wasn't right. Anyway, you get the idea. So that's where the idea for Tear & Repair Apparel came from.

The Tear & Repair name comes from the way muscles adapt to training. When we lift weights we stress our muscles, we tear the muscle fibres, then we must rest to allow them to repair - Tear & Repair.

Browse through the site and check out the latest additions to our collection, and feel free to get in touch with our team if you need any assistance. Happy shopping!

Gavin McCann


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